Handy, Man


This winter has been perilous for my poor paws. I looks like I’m wearing crocodile gloves and I’ve been plagued by constant hangnails. I’ve tried all kinds of hand creams but no one lotion seemed to ease both issues at the same time.

My most recent experiment is Boots No. 7 Protect & Protect hand cream. So far it’s proven to be the best yet. In fact, when I went in to give blood last Thursday, the phlebotomist remarked on how soft my skin was!

The No. 7 still requires a bit of a boost in the cuticle department. But I have found that when I apply my Nivea Essential Lip Balm, if I use my fingers to rub off the excess that is enough to keep the hang nails at bay.


My other greatest hand saving discovery this winter has been the Rugged Lot Leather Goods monogrammed key fob that I got at the Crown Flora Holiday sale in December. It loops around the handle of my purse so that I’m not aggravating my fingertips ldighing around for keys.