Midweek Modness: My Second Zenith


UPDATE: There was some kind of double post glitch with this post. This version is edited to combine both versions.

My watch collecting jones has been reawakened of late. Which was worrisome because it coincided with my online shopping experiment. I have already written about my happy Q&Q SmileSolar watch band replacement. And of acquiring a new Parnis through its unusual eBay distribution system.

I also started searching the internet for certain brands and Grail watches, like this 1970s Ladies Zenith. I got it the old fashioned way–eBay– for cheap. Here’s what I learned from that experiment: vintage timepieces sure have jumped since my last eBay watch shopping spree but if you are willing to take a chance on a seller from a formerly communist country there are deals to be had.

I’m a sucker for all things mod and rectangular, and this timepiece delivers me-decade design in spades. At the same time it looks great with my Madewell cuff.

One of the great risks of purchasing vintage watches online (or at flea markets or thrift shops) is that you run the risk of buying a franken watch. It may work, but if it has replacement parts on the inside, it can devalue your timepiece. (I also know that ladies watches don’t carry the same currency in the resale market, but I peeked under the Caseback and the movement looks right and is signed Zenith).

Another good online experience. I may ever leave the house again!