Shiny, Shiny

imageAs I recently wrote to my best friend, my grief  coping mechanism seems to be the purchase of much shiny new (and some vintage) clothing. I mean literally, I f I see anything metallic, sequinned or otherwise highly reflective, I want it on me. I just want to dress like a rock star now and no one can stop me.

imageAnd in the last 15 days or so, if you were in the market for something sparkly, post-holiday clearance sales meant that It was the  perfect time to invest in leather-look, sequinned and metallic garments. Which worked out because I have been obsessing about glittering garments on Pinterest for a couple of months now, but was afraid of making a big monetary investment. And the. I spotted three of my wish list items — faux leather leggings, sequinned trousers and coppery jeans –in the clearance section of Reitmans. Okay, I was actually on the hunt for gold lamé jeans, but these copper bottoms were $8, so I snatched them up.


 Here’s another lie, my first metal purchase of the sales season was actually this pleased pewter skirt from Joe Fresh. I’ve had a picture of stylist Linda Rodin wearing a simple sweater with a lured skirt pinned to my Fashion board for a couple of years now. It’s a look that I’ve been long meaning to replicate. I’ve just been able to find the skirt part. But thanks to my recent weight loss, I’m able to fit into clothes that disn’t work so well on me before. Like metallic skirts.

And finally, here’s a great thrift shop score from last week. It’s a golden vintage Valentino blouse. And it cost like $4.