Face Time

imageWhile I’m always on the hunt for cool new finds for the Gracious Good Etsy shop, I’m still trying to downsize personally. Which means I’m always looking for ways to stay motivated to be more minimalist.

For example, I can’t resist watches. But I know that one of the reasons I’m driven to acquire new timepieces is so that I can show off/share my finds to people on social media platforms and this blog. But at some point I was finding watches faster than I could blog about them.

imageSo I’ve been looking for ways to keep bragging without buying new timepieces for the “likes.” One fun way I’ve been rediscovering my old favourites is by organizing them into mini collections. In this case, I took pictures of watches with codour full dials.

Coloured dials are having a bit of a moment right now. Probably because there’S a big 1970s influence in the world of design. And I myself love all things from that decade. Well maybe not everything– I will not be going to a roller disco any time soon.

But I’m also inluenced by the new. I see something I like, I want it now. I’m particularly enamoured of the palettes of the faces on watches from Nomos and the green dialled Seiko Recraft.