Midweek Modness: Memphis


Here’s the latest in the ongoing quest to find the perfect bedside light. just a recap, we have a platform bed from Ikea. The storage drawers under the frame roll out, making it impractical to have a nightstand. So any illumination has to be wall mounted.

I have found many good-looking lights, but few that check all the  boxes. And there aren’t a lot of boxes to check. Basically it has to hang on a wall, give off light, not take up too much space.

So last week I found this 1980s-era metal sconce. I’ve not been able to figure out who the maker is, but I believe it’s Canadian-made but looks heavily influenced by the Memphis philosophy.

I love it. It meets all the criteria but it’s post-modern palette makes it look a little out-of-place in our black and white and wood, Scandinavian style bedroom.

Or does it? I’m getting used to seeing the red, white and blue by my bedside.