Adventures in the Bunz Trading Zone

image.jpegAbout a month or so ago my friend Heather invited me to join a Private Facebook group called Bunz Trading Zone. It all about bartering. The group has become a mini social phenomenon in Toronto (you can read more about here). it has also become my most recent obsession.

My first Bunz experience was trying to do some trades but I had no takers.

My second Bunz experience was a member who was having a clothes swap at her house (which was right around the corner). I got this amazing Helmut Lang sweater. It is too small, but Helmut Lang! And if you convert from the standard Bunz currency of tokens or tall boys, it cost about $25.


My third trade was with a guy who was doing an honour system swap — he left a bunch of things on his porch and if you took them, you could leave what you felt you should pay in tokens in his mail box. I went because there was a bunch of jewelry and watches in the pictures posted in the forum. I ended up leaving those things behind and instead trading for a Manadarina Duck Tank Messenger Bag and some cut crystal objects.


My last trade was with a woman who was seeking USB drives. And since I have a million press kits on thumb drives, I thought I should balance out my Bunz karma and deliver some of my surplus (for the price of TTC out to her place of work).

The whole Bunz world is addictive because you get a little glimpse into the lives of your fellow citizens and, if you’re a freelancer like me, a chance to get out of the house and have a social exchange as well.