Checkered Past

image.jpegI am a sucker for blankets. But given last week’s weird wintry weather, I’d say my hoarding has some rewards.

I noticed that I had a lot of check patterns in my binkie stash and took a picture of all the plaids.

The bottom blanket is a what they call a car throw for keeping the kids in the back seat cozy in those days when cars didn’t have heaters. This vintage baby is by Pendleton.

The next cover is made in Mexico. When I was researching it, I think I came across a site that this is the sort of blanket you find in most Mexican homes as opposed to he colourful serape or chimayo pattern. I love the colours on this one.

And top throw is a mohair and wool number from Scotland. I bought it on the weekend after I got caught in a cold snap without a proper hat or scarf. In a pinch, it doubles as  a coby shawl or a blanket scarf.