Ace Hotel and Swim Club

imageA continuation of my a Palm Springs travelogue…

We stayed as guests of the Ace Hotel and  Swim Club in Palm Springs. It’s part of the Ace chain of boutique hotels so it has a very happening ambience. In fact, I kept fantasizing  about living perms toy in a converted Howard Johnsons.

imageLike the Ace in New York (Mr. Andrew and I went there for coffee on our last visit to Manhattan), the hotel itself is the destination. Guests hang out and mingle in the lobby, by the pool and around fire pits scattered around the property.

imageAs I am a more solitary human, I also appreciated the coziness of the rooms. My suite was not overly appointed which suits me fine. The walls were covered in canvas, which gave it a blanket fort comfort feeling. They also had a radio turned on and tuned in to the local classic rock station. I ended up leaving it on for the length of my visit. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that much Chicago played in my life — not even when Chicago was popular.


The Ace is also a cultural hub and was featuring a lot of counter arts programming during Coachella, which was nice because many of the other hip hotels were holding music industry, celebrity appearance-fuelled parties which is pretty disruptive to one’s sleep. And while guests stayed up late into the desert night, the mood at the The Ace is way too chill for that red carpet nonsense. In fact, the only tiny issue I had with the Ace experience is that initially I couldn’t get into my room because two different groups were doing street style photo sessions in front of my door.

It’s the of Instagram, paparazzi c’est nous.