Wish List

image.jpegI am addicted to downsizing. Which is not necessarily a good thing. For instance, I was reading an article about capsule wardrobes (another thing I became obsessed with when I was packing for BaselWorld) that suggested that capsulers were actually shopping more. The theory being that in an attempt to create a perfect wardrobe, people would buy one staple, but kept  shopping for anyway in case they found something slightly closer to being perfect. This resonated with me because I recognize this behaviour in my own purchase history.

Or maybe folks are addicted to the adrenaline rush of the purge and they are just bringing things home in order to satisfy the need to toss them out.


So For the month of May, I made a short list of the things I’m allowed to bring home (I still have to keep to my “one in, two out” policy though).

  1. a ladder to hang blankets on
  2. a hammock frame
  3. A step through bike
  4. a brocade jacket
  5. a pair of overalls
  6. Adidas socks (to wear with my slides)
  7. a canvas back pack for our trip to Iceland

Today I procured two things on the list: The ladder (through a Bunz trade) and the brocade jacket Value Village). I also found the best blue overalls on Friday.


UPDATE: I gots my socks! And they were on sale to boot!