Summer Sales

Now is that most magical time of the year — Summer Sale Season. I took advantage of the deep discounts to pick up some some new duds. Some like the chambray shirt from Mark’s Work Wearhouse are much needed in this hot humid weather. And when I was in Indianapolis, it was so hot that I felt I needed to get a new outfit for dinner as I had pretty much perspired through the ensemble that I had packed (I found these reasonably priced pants and peplum top in the sale racks at the Loft).

Others pieces, such as this shimmery skirt from Pennington’s (just under $4) and these fringey finds from H&M ($10 a pop)  were too rock star to pass up.

(Now that I see all these items together, I’m seeing a semi-minimalist, monochromatic theme emerging.)summer sales  3

Other purchases were late spring finds that I probably won’t be able to wear again until the weather cools down in a few months. This trumpet sleeved sweatshirt from COS is an excellent example — but I’ve been searching high and low for such a garment for at least a month. And usually COS is out of my price range but this beauty was 50 percent off. And while we were there Mr Andrew brought this wallet to my attention (my old wallet gave up the ghost a few months back and all of the thrifted replacements have had issues — this one will hopefully last for the rest of my life).

summer sales 5