The Art of Shopping: Plan Ahead

imagePinterest has both saved and ruined my life. In the olden days, I would look through magazines and tear out pictures of objects or looks that I admired. Pinterest operates in a similar fashion, providing inspiration for when I’m on the hunt. That’s the ruination part. I often see things pinned by people I follow, things that I didn’t even know that I needed until I see them on Pinterest. But once I know they’re out there, I can’t rest until I find them.

imageBut I also use Pinterest to help prevent myself from buying everything. For example, one of my boards serves as a shopping list. I tell myself that I can only get things on the list. It forces me to do more research before I go shopping so I can look for online bargains or read reviews before I hit the shops. It also helps cut down on the impulse buys.

imageI also recently started a board that’s basically an inventory of the clothes And accessories that I already have. Then when I’m shopping, I can consult that list to avoid duplication and to make sure new purchases will complement existing things.