Red Blues

imageI’ve been using the hot, hot weather as an excuse to cycle through my wardrobe and accessories more frequently. It’s been so humid that one has to change several times a day, after all.

Summer is also a time for short, overnight trips. Here’s  a picture of my vintage vinyl Adidas bag en route to visit my mother. My closet is largely made up of things I wanted when I was younger but could not afford or was not allowed to have. Like this vinyl Adidas bag. All the boys had to have one in high school and I wanted one too.


Hot weather also means I can wear cool cotton dresses like this blue embroidered Mexican Huipl (although I’ve reached the stage in my life that I don’t feel comfortable enough wearing it without a slip, which sort of defeats the purpose of wearing it to feel cool and breezy). And it looks so good with my embroidered blue Justin cowboy boots.

imageBut back to red. I found this Marni x H&M stretch bracelet at the Value Village in Etobicoke. It’s pretty rad, right?

imageAnd finally, I snapped this image on the subway car. What a great hot weather combo! Going back to the theme of nostalgia, my favourite shoes were a pair of red clogs. Which means I love red shoes the best of all. I am forever shopping for my imaginary childhood.