A Trip To The Pacific Mall

image.jpegMr. Andrew and I took the TTC to the upper reaches of the GTA to visit the Pacific Mall and Market Village Mall. Both of these shopping centres cater to Toronto’s Asian communities and as such, are filled with small shops peddling specific things like cellphone  cases, candy, cellphone cases and cellphone cases. And food. Heaps of yummy food.

image.jpegWe haven’t visited in a long, long time (probably about 10 years) and while the set up of the malls is the same, the wares have changed greatly. On our last trek, cellphones flipped and every other shop was dedicated to selling accessories for tuner cars. What once was a mighty empire of bootleg DVDs, now is a selection of knock off Fendi bug charms. The quality of fake Rolexes remains the same though.

imageI picked up a few things. A crazy plastic pin of a wizard cat and a bunch of socks and stuff from a Japanese dollar store. The big score was finding a bunch of banana-flavoured Japanese treats. I haven’t been able to find the Meiji banana chocoq since the Tsunami so I was thrilled. My pancreas, not so much.