Midweek Modness: Stig Lindberg Charger

imageFor me, of the endorphin rush that comes from hunting for vintage treasures is researching finds. I mean ideally I like to study certain things before I shop to train my eye and also to avoid bringing too much stuff home. But when  I’m out thrifting, I wI’ll buy based on a gut instincts.

Take this hand painted faience charger, for example. It was part of a hoard of mid century ceramics at the Value Village. Because my liquidity is mostly tied-up in Transit tokens at the moment,  I had to make a Sophie’s choice and choose only two pieces — the butterfly and flowers pictures above and the Venice street scene pictured below.

imageThe Internet is a wonderful thing. After examining the marks on the bottom of the first plate, I was quickly able to confirm that it was signed by the famed Swedish designer Stig Lindberg. Then I fell into an hours-long rabbit hole of learning more about Lindberg (I was not so lucky finding out much info about the Italian plate).

I’ve listed both Chargers in my EarnestineArt Etsy shop.