Dior Before And After

dior before

So I found this beat up old Christian Dior clutch at the Salvation Army a few weeks back. I almost took a pass on it because of the wrinkles and stains, making it kind of hard to sell.  It was only $5, but I also didn’t love it enough in its shabby chic condition that I felt I needed it for personal use.

On the other hand, the fact that I didn’t feel precious about this purse gave me an idea to repaint it in the hopes of bringing it back to life. So I bought it (and some electric blue fabric paint that was on sale at Michaels) and gave it a new hue.

dior 2

When this bag was made  in the 1970s, most couture houses focussed on garments and licensed the production of accessories to other manufacturers (it is known as the Dior Model if you feel like googling this interesting history). The house would oversee the design, but generally the quality was not as good as the luxury bags that are made in house today. It’s still authentic and well made, but even in excellent vintage condition, it would still be $65 dollars good, not $650 good.

dior after 2

The blue was a nice contrast to the oxblood leather trimming. The colour came out nice and even and totally covered up the stains.Unfortunately it also almost completely covered up the Dior logo that was woven into the fabric (you can still see it from certain angles).

dior after 1

Overall I’d say that the project went okay. I think it looks better than before and I do like its roomy size and shape. Most vintage clutches are too small to hold a smartphone.