blog eraser necklaces

I am still on a jewellery making run. The goal is to apply to some holiday craft markets, sell some things and get exposure for my book. Because the book is graphic poetry, I’ve been experimenting a lot with collage in my art. So it seems fitting that these jewels have sinilar visial elements in its bricolage.

blog eraser necklace 3I spend too much time at the Dollarama, looking at its various offerings and trying to figure out which elements can be used to make things. I fell in love with these puzzle erasers and bough a bunch. The stationary (and lightbulb of inspiration) theme of thos piece was inspired by Kalpna Patel — the queen of crafts in Toronto.

blog eraser necklace 1While I too love DIY, this necklace has a more musical motif. Tunes, beats and a bike — all things I love!

These are still prototypes. I had to reglue all the pieces so that bits would not pop off. This afternoon I’ll go for a walk or ride to make sure that the bonds hold.