Midweek Modness: More Kathie Winkle

blog winkle pot 1

In the winter, I decided I needed more variety in my beverage choices and was going to get into tea. But the plan never took hold because I could never find the right teapot (and because I don’t drink hot drinks. Because we have limited space,  I needed something that  would fit with our current collections if it had to be displayed. And though I came close a couple of times, I could never pull the trigger.

Last week I found this Kathie Winkle for Broadhurst coffeepot (sorry, can’t find the name of this particular pattern. Pros: The cat already uses Winkle for his dinner service and even mismatched patterns look great together. Cons: Not a teapot. Result: I bought it brought it home. Mr. Andrew suggested that it would be perfect for steeping and serving unsweetened ice tea — which I adore but for some reason never thought of.

blog tea

So I raise a glass of Red Rose Orange Pekoe to the smartest man I know! Cold tea on a hot day is the most perfect thing ever!