imageTrying not to acquire things and am trying to spend my energy on having experiences instead. I consulted my todo lists and one of my new year’s resolutions was to getting an Art Gallery of Ontaro membership. Also I wanted to see the Lawren Harris exhibition at the AGO. Probably wasn’t good to go on the second last day.

imageI also went to Black Creek Pioneer village with my friend Tania and her friend Jan. I always enjoy a good history nerd out. Above is the tin smith demonstrating her skills. Below, the harness maker made me a bookmark (in Pantone’s colours of the year).


imageThen Jan took us to a time machine diner in Downsview. The owners were lovely, the food delicious and the ambiance delightful, but I just can’t eat banquet burgers and fries anymore.

image.jpegI’m all out of order here, by the way. I went to Black Creek Pioneer Village first, then lunch, then the AGO. And two days before that I went with my friends Sonja and Eng to the In/Future installation at Ontario Place.

imageI ran into so many friends there. Plus it’s a trip to see a space imbued with so many memories altered by neglect but also art.

imageAnd on Friday I went to see Lauryn Hill at Massey Hall. It was weird and amazing and worthy of of a much longer post but right now I am feeling as decrepit as the peeling paint in Massey Hall’s stairwell (pictured above). To be continued…