Retirement Community

blog retired 2Can we take a minute to raise a toast to those accessories and garments that gave their all to serving our needs year after year while making us look good at the same time? Those well-loved friends that are now just worn out. Like this Lonchamps Pliages Hobo bag, which I got second hand and has had a remarkable second life. It was perfect for cycling as it could be slung over the shoulder. Unfortunately it recently developed a bad case of holes that could be mended, so its time to put it out of service.

Thank you red hobo bag!

blog retired 1

And thank you stripey dress from Anthropologie. Originally purchased in a panic after spilling something all over myself en route to my sister-in-law’s birthday party. It has been my go to summer dress literally through thick and thinner for something like four seasons. We have travelled the world together, But sadly this frock has become the feminine equivalent of your brother’s pit stained, holey t-shirt — the one you mom wants to throw in the rag bag and he keeps pulling out for one more wearing.

Time for retirement old friend.