Back Up

img_5354Last week, after years of hunting, I finally thrifted a leather mini backpack!

And now a revelatory/cautionary tale about thrift shopping. One of the reasons I like to buy things second hand is to be environmentally responsible in the reduce/reuse/recycle way. It does make it harder to source the things on your shopping list.  I have found non-leather backpacks but they always felt like a compromise. (Or they had some sort of design issue that made using them unfun). As a result, I’ve bought about six backpacks that eventually made their way back to the thrift shop (and left my bank account a little emptier).

The lesson learned: Hold out for what you want. Even if the compromise is only $5.99, its not worth it.

Another lesson learned: When it rains it pours.


The next day I found this fringed suede backpack. It’s not a tiny haversack like the one pictured above, but it’s still very cool. I went to see my mom for Thanksgiving and was able to pack all my weekend gear into it.

One of the reasons I wanted a backpack generally is because its easier to ride a bike with one than it is with a cross body or handbag. I also wanted leather and small because I discovered that nylon and big made my back all sweaty. But sometimes you need schlep larger things.  To replace my retired Longchamps hobo, I picked up this DHL messenger bag.