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More Thrift Scores

Glad rags

I Made It 24 Days

Clothing drive

Kitchener Thrift Shop Part Two

Stars of stripes

Back Up

Last week, after years of hunting, I finally thrifted a leather mini backpack! And now a revelatory/cautionary tale about thrift shopping. One of the reasons I like to buy things second hand is… Continue reading

Summer Thrift

Thrifty finds

Stuff Galore

A few more objects found on my recent thrift-ventures (followed by a brief analysis of how impractical a purchase it was). I’ll begin with the crazy Red or Dead purse pictured above. It might… Continue reading

Mirror in the Bathroom: Fall Fashion Parade

Narcissistic behaviour

Thrift Trip To Dresden

Dresden on $20 a Day

My Spidey Sense

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes I have an uncanny ability to find certain things. For example, the time I woke up thinking “I wish I had a star sapphire.” And… Continue reading

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