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There are so many things going on in this picture. First nail art. I want my nails to be little canvases for abstract art. Secondly, it sums up almost every kind of jewellery-making hard material that is now banned by CITES (articles made from whale teeth, ivory and tortoise shell). Of course being vintage they were made before the bans.

When it comes to things like wearing fur or organic jewellery, I walk a middle ground. I only buy vintage, but I do wear it.

I got the 1950s tortoise shell bracelet at the Value Village. I love the big size and rich colour!  The ivory, coral and gold ring I picked up at the Carole Tanenbaum table at the Gadsden’s Toronto Vintage Clothing Show.

Speaking of wild. My friend Becky bought this amazing Mr. Dino dress. She looks amazing in it so I had to share.

mr. dino dress