Sale Away

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On Sunday, the Value Village was having a fifty percent off sale on shoes and clothing. So even though I don’t need any shoes or clothes, I still had to go (you know see if there was anything there that I could use to stock my Etsy Shop).

Of course I found things. Practical things and three truly fantastic finds. On the practical side, I picked up the basic black Eileen Fisher sweater  pictured above (and now I have to decide which of my other basic black sweaters I’m going to have to purge in order to reclaim wardrobe balance).

etsy crown 3.jpgAlso pictured above is this glamorous tiara. A few hours in a research k-hole revealed that it dates from the 1880s to 1910s, was probably made in France and is very collectible. So I listed it on GraciousGood Etsy shop so I can find a good home for it.

earnestine bitossi 2The next treasure was this Aldo Londi/Bitossi for Rosenthal Netter ashtray. If I smoked, I would not have listed this in the EarnestineArt Etsy shop.

And then I found my dream shoes. One of my first Pinterest pins was a pair of very similar Chie Mihara oxfords. Other than the texture of the leather, these Miharas are virtually the same. And they look like they’ve been worn once. How could I be expected to stop shopping. So I picked up a pair of much more sensible orthopedic-looking Adidas.

blog orthopedic adidas

I also got a Lacoste cardigan. In total, after discounts, my bill came to about $32 bucks. To be fair, I did take a pass on a pair of leather pants as well as many, more impractical shoes. And again, I need to stick to the strict one in, two out policy. Expect a post about purging later this week.