Tattoo Me

tattoo3.jpgI was in Miami Beach last week, working on some watch-related stories and checking out the Art Basel scene.It was a heady week, a lot of crazy stuff went down and I got my first ever tattoo.

I am an indecisive person. It took me twenty years to figure out what image to get as a tattoo and I figured it would take me another twenty to settle on a placement. But at a dinner with press colleagues I started talking to a few inked up folks about their tats and what the meant to them. Basically, their tattoos were markers of people and places in their personal timelines. The images had meaning, but at the same time, they didn’t overthink them.

Scott CAmpbell Whole Glory.jpg

One of my dining companions was actually going to get a tattoo at the Hublot X Sang Bleu pop up. Sang Bleu is shop run by Maxime Büchi, who has created pieces for Kanye West. It’s really kind of an overarching, independent project that includes a tattoo studio, a clothing line, a type-design studio, a magazine,  and a design agency. For Hublot, he designed a very cool watch and has become a brand ambassador for the manufacture.

There were also four other prominent tattoo artists taking part in the pop up — Mike Rubendall, BJ Betts and Eric Marcinizyn. We had dinner with Büchi, Betts and Rubendall and their colleague Scott Campbell stopped by. He was doing a performance piece called Whole Glory at the Juxtapose gallery. Basically, Campbell sits behind a wall (pictured above), the person getting a tattoo sits on the other side of that wall, puts their arm through a hole and without any communication, Campbell draws a design that he thinks that arm needs. On his website, the project is described as “Certain rewards of anonymous intimacy, and the annihilation of hesitation’s hold.”


Like I said, indecision and hesitation is a problem. And this year, I’ve been striving to say yes more often than no. I decided to be spontaneous, went to the pop up and entered the raffle. But my number did not come up. So I went back to the Hublot Galerie for a cocktail party for the street and pop artist Chris ‘Flore’ Florentino.

The Sang Bleu pop up was still in full effect. Somebody said, “Who wants a tattoo?” I raised my hand. The guest tattooist that day was DJ Betts. He had a sheet of available designs. I wanted them all but chose this tiger.

tattoo4.jpgHere he is, two days later. I love the expression in his eyes. Our spirit and PR guide for all things Hublot, Taylor Boozan, named him Richard Parker which is perfect because my dad and I both loved Life of Pi.

And to answer your questions: It didn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt and I have no regrets.