Chasing Chaussures

blog new cons

Let’s declare Friday footwear day so I can celebrate/justify  three of my most recent  acquisitions. I’ll start with these leathery Converse that I picked up at a schmatte place in Miami. I had been on the lookout for a pair of ivory-coloured high tops since I saw a picture of a pair worn with Indian ankle bracelets on Pinterest. I have the ankle bracelets, I just have to lengthen them a bit so they’ll fit around the sneakers.

blog blundstones

On Monday I bought a pair of Blundstones at the Salvation Army. You may recall that I found a pair in the summer and I found them ridiculously comfortable. Unfortunately, the soles discombobulated (apparently a common problem with Blunnies). I wrestled with having them resoled (which would have cost about $100) or just buying a new pair  (around $200). But I found a used pair for $30, so Bingpot!

blog emusAnd finally I found these Emus in a free box on the sidewalk on my way to do a Bunz Trade. They will certainly come in handy in the cold, cold winter.