Book Learning

blog Mcsweenys I have a huge pile of unread books by my bed. I love books, but lately I have found it a challenge to find the time to read. So I made a vow not to buy any new books until I finished the book stack. I managed to get through a few of the titles. And notwithstanding a few sidewalk finds, I didn’t bring additional titles into the house.

Until now. I had some time to kill waiting for the bus and I popped into a used book store where I found this McSweeney’s More Things Like This — a catalogue of the work of artists who use pictures and words in a humorous way. Which means interviews and works by some of my favourites — Amy Jean Porter, David Shrigley, Leanne Shapton and more, more, more!

blog derian bookI may have also gotten a little tipsy in Miami and done some drunk online shopping. And I may have ordered the John Derian Picture Book. If I did, I have no regrets.

It is literally a book of 18th and 19th century images collected over a 30 years. And it is beautiful. Plus picture books don’t require the same focus one needs to read  for literary works. You can wander in and revisit whenever you want/need to.