What I Thrifted

imageI went to a few thrift shops in search of new inventory for my Gracious Good and Earnestine Etsy shops. I got a couple of good scores, including this amazing modernist bronze and enamel pendant (I’m pretty sure it’s by Bernard Chaudron, but it’s unsigned) and a neat, Art Nouveau revival ring (it’s got British hallmarks for sterling, London, 1973).


I also found all the garments that I had wished I had in Iceland. Namely a flannel shirt (this one’s by Rachel Roy aka Becky with the good hair) and patterned fleece leggings. When we were in Reyjkavik, I dragged Mr. Andrew into every shop looking for a pair (we found some on our last day, but they were too expensive).

imageOf course the most useful thing I could have had in Iceland would have been sensible walking shoes. Like these Blundstones. Even though the brand hails from Australia, they are so part of the Toronto uniform that we could tell who was Canadian in our hostel if they were wearing Blunnies.