img_6206From time to time I take stealth shots of people on the street because I like their look and want to capture it for fashion inspiration. Here are some of those pictures:blog inspo tulleI like the red socks and oxfords paired with floods pictured up top. I do have red socks and cropped black pants. I just don’t have oxfords at the moment. But I can always try pairing the red socks with my New Balance runners. And speaking of sneakers, I do adore how this woman in Miami put peach and black together. I just wish it was bare leg season here.

I have also come to terms with the fact that my hair is untamable now. I accept the fact that I am just going to be that lady with long hair that just pulls it back. So I’ve been looking at these messy hairdos so at least I have different ways to pull it back.

And finally, I also get inspiration from looks that other people have taken for inspiration. For example, I love orange but its a hard colour to pull off. So I got totally excited when I saw this yellow, tan and tangerine clad lady on Sophie Fontanel’s Instagram feed. And i love the belting and wrapping on this image from Maison Martin Margiela. I totally tried it out with a boiled wool jacket that I have which is not quite as oversized, but still looked cool.