State of the Stuff

blog stuff outsideSpring showers mean that I have been spending a lot of time indoors. Which means I’ve had lots of time to contemplate my stuff. I have been organizing and downsizing (and rearranging things so that I’m not tempted to bring more things into the house. So here are some snapshots of my seasonal affective reordering.

Above is our outdoor space, The squirrels like it.

blog state of stuffNext, my desk side cubbyholes. While these guys always cheer me up on a rainy day but some are going to have to go.

blog stuffI recently edited our bar so that it could fit onto this vintage made-in-Canada Baribocraft tray. I like organizing things on trays — it helps visually ground a vignette and makes it easier to dust!

A side note: The brass skull was one of my favourite finds of 2016. I love skulls and had been searching for a non-plastic, non sugar skull model for my whole life. Last fall I went to Winners with my sisterTh and spotted this brass skull on the post Halloween sale table. And it was $6!

blog stuff 2This week I also got a new, over-the-door shoe organizer. I was hoping it would make everything in my life perfect, but it won’t hold boots, heavy footwear or hightops. I do like how now I can see all of my shoes so I know exactly what kind of show I have too many of, which should help prevent me from buying more shoes.

blog stuff 3Just looking over the pictures in the post I can see how many skulls and skeletons and bats are in our house. Everyday is Halloween around here. This is the most tranquil nooko in our house and its a collection of disembodied hands.

Well, the buddah is not supposed to be spooky but let me tell you a story about this guy. When I was young, my mother kept this figurine in the living room — a place that was reserved for guests, not for kids to play in. But I liked to sneak in there for quite times and naps. I also liked to rub his belly for luck and I swear that one time he winked at me.

I admit that it was probably a very realisic dream, but other than that time I saw the Easter Bunny (also probably hypnogogic), this is the only supernatural experience I’ve had.