Rogue’s Gallery

IMG_3631I have been on the hunt for objets for my non-jewelry Etsy shop, Earnestine Art. Recently I have found a few pieces that I want to keep for myself — at least for a little while. For example, I am infatuated with this abstract plaster statue. It is signed, but research does not link to any practicing artist with that name (my guess is that its a student piece or possible it’s a maquette and the name on the bottom is the person who commissioned something else). Plus, I need to learn how to stabilize the plaster.

IMG_1815Unsigned and most likely by a student or amateur, I love the way the look luminous against the black backround. I have painted similar pieces, so that’s another reason that I could not resist this frond (also just $2.99).

blog fon benin iron figureI’m also excited to have found an example of a cast bronze figure from Benin. I’m still researching what he’s meant to represent. Could be a royal figure. Could be that the gourd and other things that he is carrying were added on after.

If you know of any experts that could throw some light on this piece, let me know?