Man Made

blog St. Lawrence haul bakelite slice bangleLast week was a very, very good week for thrifting. So good that I’m going to break up my finds into themes. Today let’s look at some interesting plastic pieces. Above are two cool sliced bangles that I picked up for a dollar each at the St. Lawrence Antique Market on Sunday. The green one is Bakelite. The shapes remind me of the Jetsons.

blog St. Lawrence celluloid necklaceThis celluloid silhouette necklace is also from the St. Lawrence Market. Celluloid is a pretty unstable material and this piece has some issues (broken and missing links), but for a buck I couldn’t resist.

blog VV Haul celluloid flapper beadsOn the subject of celluloid, here’s a fantastic hand knotted, flapper-length necklace that I got at the Value Village.

blog VV Haul carved bangleAnd this carved lucite bangle is to die for. I bought all of these things to sell in the Gracious Good Etsy shop, but I might hang onto the latter two items for a bit because they are so perfect for summer.