blog rappOn my to do list is getting various artwork framed for display. Fortunately I got a couple of free frames recently. I ran into my friend Jaqueline Bruner at the Trinity Bellwoods Giant Yard Sale earlier this month and she gave me this frame which was perfect for this print that I found last summer. It is signed Laura Rapp, and I think it might be by the noted art collector who, as a youth, made some prints with Jim Dine. I wonder how one would get in touch with someone and ask them if they remember making this as a teen.

blog bathroomI also found a frame on the sidewalk. I have put this risograph called “Piss” by Michael DeForge in it. The frame is temporary (or I’ll matte it). The print is destined for the bathroom and our collection of toilet humour-inspired arts.

blog bowlesAnd lastly, I was looking for a way to display the collection of Amy Bowles Moonfaces that I got at the Magic Gumball Machine of Fate at Youngspace Artspace last winter. I mounted them in a shadow box.