Run the Jewels

blog moma jewelsI always like to visit the Museum of Modern Art Design Shop when I’m in New York. Some of my favourite things have come from the MoMA store, including my Yayoi Kusama scarf and Ai Weiwei spoon.

This trip coincided with sale season. In the jewellery section there was a selection of baubles that I had long admired (but never pulled the trigger on).  From top left:

1. A 3-D printed nylon ring by Nervous System. The company is inspired by natural, cellular forms.

2. A lucite bangle by Alex Bittar. I’ve always wanted a Bittar. I love his origin story. I love the way he works with plastic. It so deep and rich and textured but also alramingly simple. This bangle glows like a piece of labradorite.

3. Next, a pair of onyx earrings and a turquoise ring by German designer Saskia Diez. I have had her pearl hoops on my Pinterest Earrings board forever (and the shop assistant was wearing them but they were not in stock). But the minimalist me was happy to snap up these beauties. You can wear the earrings two ways too — dangling or up along the lobe. One note on the hazards of wearing more avant garde jewels is that they can get caught in things. I’ve already lost (and found) one of the earrings twice. I must go out and buy some of those rubber stopper things.

4. This gold and water pearl bunny ring by Japanese designer Simmon Sato was an impulse buy because it was so cute. One note on the hazards of wearing more avant garde jewels is that sometimes they can get caught in things and one of the big sticky-out-y pearls will come loose. Luckily it wasn’t lost and was easily glued back in.

An added bonus: I found the Tiffany box on the sidewalk after somebody was too excited about their new purchase (and not very concerned about the environment) and chucked the packaging on the ground.