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I got this Gucci watch for about $6 at the Value Village last April. A bargoon, right? But it was a little tight and I didn’t have any extra links lying around to extend the bracelet. I went online to see if I could buy extra links.

I found them, but with shipping, the cost came to about $65 bucks. I balked at this price and instead ordered a box of Gucci watch repair bits and pieces for the same price, hoping that the kit would contain the marina links that I needed (and that I could sell of the surplus to offset the cost.

And while it didn’t have the parts I needed, it did come with a bunch of interchangeable bezels that I can use to switch up the look of my watch (it came with the anodized purple bezel pictured below).

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 5.59.26 PM

I also ended up ordering a pair of links at a more reasonable $45.

So my point is that not everything that’s a bargoon is a bargain. I ended up shelling out over a hundred smackeroos to make this watch wearable. No regrets, though!