A Whole New Wardrobe


I thought I had packed enough clothing to anticipate the hot muggy weather in New York last week. I did not. In fact I ended up buying, like, a whole new wardrobe to get through my three-day stay. My first purchase was this straw hat because I had forgotten to bring the chapeau that I got in Manhattan last summer because I forgot to bring the boater I bought in Montreal when I found myself hatless. I should never leave the house without a hat, but I always do.

I made stops at a few shops because they were having sales. At H&M I found a pair of leopard print pants for $5, a pair of super supple orange slipons (not that cheap), and a cute, $9 eyelet dress that I will wear as a top. There was a buy-one-get-one free deal on the already discounted items, so I saved $5 off the price of the shoes, which I might add are extremely soft. Please also note the recurring themes from yesterday’s Stree Inspo post.blog nyc H&M

(I also amused myself by taking still life pictures in my air conditioned room at Pod51, while I dried off in between wardrobe changes.)

Blog NYC buys 2It was summer sale season, so I was able to bankroll buying a whole new wardobe because there were so many things priced under $10 Yankee dollars. At Uniqlo, I got a Keith Haring and black flared sleeved t-shirts and a cool cotton skirt and shapeless black top. I was attracted to the Haring shirt because it sort of reminded me of Play by Comme des Garçons.

At Anthropologie, I picked up a loose, flowy jumpsuit, a gauzy green top and, most importantly, a terry cloth headband to sop up all of the sweat. I think all together, these gets cost about $50 (there was a discount on top of already discounted items). blog nyc anthroplogie

I rationalize my purchases by telling myself what great bargoons I was bagging, but when you figure in the exchange rate, and the amount of clothing I bought, it isn’t that great of a deal. But it was convenient: believe it or not, I wore everything.

Part of it is because I can’t stand wearing damp clothes. And I get paranoid about going to meetings in things I have perspired in because I don’t want people to think I’m stinky (and then I get anxious and therefore sweatier).

I got so much clothing that I had to buy a ripstop nylon Boston bag from Muji to carry my new clothes home in. And as one last gesture, I grabbed this Misaki Kawai banana print tank top at Flying Tiger simply because they still had some.