Bell Copper Turquoise Cuff


I’m a longtime fan of vintage Bell Copper jewellery. A quick recap: Bell made Southwestern-style bijoux that was sold in souvenir shops and trading posts in the American Southwest.

While researching the line, I always came across a particular collection that Bell manufactured called “Corinthian.” These pieces were made of copper and inlaid with turquoise chunks. I always wanted one, and while they are not expensive on sites like eBay, I was still hoping to thrift an example. Because, you know, the thrill of the hunt.

An lo and behold I found one for $2 at the Big on Bloor festival last Sunday. I was digging through one vendor’s boxes of junk jewellery. It has some minor issues (one of the stones is cracked), but is beautiful (even if it turns my wrist green).

I also learned something new about Bell while researching this bracelet: In 1972, the company changed its name to Sunbell and its mark to a bell with lines radiating from it. This cuff has that mark, which helps date it.