Mississauga Thrift Shop Hop

blog mississauga 4I did a Thrifting Tourism trip to Mississauga last Tuesday. You see, there’s a Talizé, a Value Village and a Salvation Army all at the corner of Dixie and Dundas. I don’t usually have much luck at the Talize, but this time I ended up with some cool bags, including the this bright, beaded Great Wall of China tote (pictured above), A cute and kitchsy running shoe-shaped shoulder bag (pictured below).

blog mississauga 3

Also got a useful ripstop nylon Pierre Cardin carry all (pictured below). It is from the throw-your-name-on-anything era of Pierre Cardin, but I enjoy the navy and burgundy colour scheme and the puffiness of this shopper. It will make a good winter bag.


Meanwhile, at the Value Village, I found this super cute furoshiki. It has bunnies people! Even though its meant for wrapping stuff, I will most likely wear it as a kerchief.

blog mississauga 5

And I got this gauzy, crocheted Ecuadorian dress. A little white dress was the last item on my Summer Goth wish list. It actually looks amazing on. It just hasn’t been warm enough to wear it yet.