Just My Luch

blog luchWe’ve talked about Bunz Trading before, so I won’t get into all the details of how it works here. I just wanted share my most recent swap — a 1970s, superthin, minimalist Luch watch. Luch is a manufacture based in Minsk, Belarus

I treaded it for a pair of Chie Mihara shoes.This watch is marked Made in USSR and the Luch logo is presented in the Roman alphabet so we know things: It was manufactured after 1953, when the company was founded, but before the wall came down in 1992 and that it was made for the export market (otherwise the letters would be in Cyrillic.

Blog Luch side

I love it because of the black, time only face and the super thin case. It feels very elegant to wear. I’m guessing that its from the 1970s because of the style, but a quick scan of Luch watches (they are still being made) reveals that they still make ’em like this.

Oh those Belarusians!