Yard Sale Scores

blog yard sa;w 2We were surrounded by yard sales last weekend. In fact both our next-door-neighbours had sales. There was nothing useful to the north, but the mysterious house to the east (we live on a corner) provided some nice, 1980s-era garments — a wooly hat and grey Jacob Crowley coat (pictured below). The house always seemed slightly abandoned (there are a lot of uninhabited homes in the area, mostly because there is a large elderly population and despite  insane real estate values, a lot of buildings are inestate or the kids can’t deal with downsizing their parent’s places after they’ve moved into care). There has been some signs of activity (mowing the lawn, cars in the driveway) lately. The sale, however, was being run by some teenagers.

I imagine that these things belonged to their grandmother, who in the 1980s would have been a no-nonsense lady, financially comfortable, stylistically confident and, given the local demographics of the area at the time, Eastern European. Mr. Andrew also picked up a pair of Gucci laceups (pictured up top) and a neat pinstriped J.P. Tilford suit at a sale around the corner. The suit still had business cards in the pockets in case Andrew wants to assume the seller’s identity.

blog guatamalen coat On Sunday we went on an excursion Kensington Market to satisfy a craving for Otto’s Berlin Doner. We passed a little sidewalk sale on the way home. That is where I got this Guatamalen shirt, which I plan to wear as a jacket when and if the weather ever gets cooler.