Token of Affection

blog love token 2I found this gorgeous, turn-of-the-20th-century love token bracelet at the St. Lawrence Antique Market on Sunday. Basically, there was a vogue for hand engraved, reworked coins during and just after the very sentimental Victorian period. Usually they feature names or initials of sweethearts or images of birds and flowers that symbolized affection.

But I’ve never seen a portrait etching before. This charming lady is engraved on a sterling silver French Franc. On the reverse side of the portrait is Art Nouveau artist Oscar Roty’s famous La Semeuse (the Sower) design which was introduced in 1897 (I think they stopped making them in silver around 1916, but don’t quote me on that).

blog love token 1I also love that even though its at least 100 years old, the simplicity of its design feels very modern. I want to wear it everyday!