Japanese Dollar Stores

imageI love living in Toronto, but the city comes up short because of the lack of Japanese Dollar Stores. So whenever I get the chance to go to the West Coast, I try to hit up as many as I can.

imageI’m in Vancouver now. I had some free time so I trekked out to Yokoysaya, which is described as combination between a convenience store and a dollarama. They carry a lot of Daiso goods (a chain that we visited in San Francisco). It’s a great place to stock up on beauty products and pens. Above is a picture of my haul.

imageI also visited a place called Miniso, a Japanese/Chinese shop that could be called a cross between Muji and Flying Tiger. Of course I got more pens, sexy punk style fishnets, and a cute power bank.

imageAnd since I am in Vancouver for watch-related business, I has to bring back a little souvenir — this sterling silver and Zirconia clock face necklace.