Boo Ya Tribe

imageI’m working out my Halloween costume options. The most minimalist thing I can wear would be just these werewolf gloves that I picked up at Flying Tiger on the weekend. One time, I saw a kid just walking around in a werewolf mask. It wasn’t even Halloween. It is one of my favourite visual memories.

To honour that kid, I  would like to spend the day riding the subway in normal street clothes except, you know, with hairy paws.

I am also going to upgrade one of my costumes from last year, which is in itself, a look I poached off Pinterest. Basically, It’s tulle over skeleton leggings (both from H&M) for a ghostly goth statement. The 2016 version featured cheap hosiery that I bought online and didn’t survive one washing and a net hi-low skirt that I got from a Costume shop that didn’t quite capture the effect that I was looking for.

Now I just have to finish the embroidery on my mesh veil and I will have a haunting ensemble.