A Short Shirt Story

blog stripeSo when I was in New York, waiting for the Megabus to carry me back to Toronto. I snapped a picture of this lady as street style inspiration. I liked the look and was determined to find a boxy, stripey top when I got home.

blog stripe shirt 2And I did. At the Gap Outlet store in the Dufferin Mall. It was on sale too!

It was Thursday and I was out on a winter wardrobe mission and had a very short shopping list: New, tan leather strap for my vintage Oris Watch; Grey, drapey cuffed trousers and a curling sweater that fits (this has been on my list for a long time).

Other than the watch strap, I was successful (and then some — but more about that next post). But my biggest happiness was finding the the striped shirt. I gathered my purchases, hopped on the College Street car and got lost in daydreams about when and where I would wear it. I almost missed my stop I was so distracted. I jumped off the streetcar in a daze.

And when I got home, I realized that I left the bag with my stripey top on the transit.

blog ttc

I went to the TTC lost and found (pictured above) the next day. The woman in front of me had left her tote on the subway and it had been turned in intact, down to the last penny and her cellphone. I was so happy for her and so pleased about the goodness of the people of Toronto. Unfortunately, my top had not been turned in, but I was prepared for this outcome and had gone to The Gap to see if they had any left in my size. They had one, and it was on sale.