Glamma Jamma

95249E4B-2511-49D6-AE02-2476524E89A7While I am neither a mother nor a grandmother, I’ve decided that my Fashion Theme for 2018 is going to be glamorous gran, or “Glamma” for short.

And since it’s January, the cheapest time of the year to buy clothes, I went on two shopping sprees, one before I went to Geneva, one after I got back. I’d say I spent about $200 bucks in total, the second-most expensive piece being the faux fur moto jacket pictured above ($30 from H&M).

I got some tops because I needed some non-merch shirts so that I could look like a professional lady. From left to right: a white cotton blouse from Uniqlo to replace one that gave up the ghost in the fall; a flouncy t-shirt from H&M; a cute polka dot pullover from COS (I love their aesthetic but can only afford to buy when it’s deeply discounted); and, because I realized most of my shirts have high necks, a deep V pullover from Walmart. (I also got an awesome tie-front sweatshirt but couldn’t find a photo of it online).

Because of travel, I’ve been exploring new layering options. From left to right: this Eames x Uniqlo stole was the perfect wrap for rainy Geneva and doubles as a travel blanket; I was also looking for a cardigan or jacket with a longer silhouette to balance out my frog bod, and found this on sale online at Joe Fresh (my wardrobe was becoming a bit too monochromatic); and I found a vintage  double breasted cardigan at the Salvation Army. It reminds me of my most favourite blazer that was lost in a move.

Here’s where things get more glam.

From left to right: I started my sale shopping expeditions searching for staples like the Joe Fresh faux leather leggings (to replace the ones I bought two years ago); and while I didn’t need another pair of glittery trousers like these pants from H&M, it’s hard to resist anything that’s just $5; I got the sparkly tube skirt (also from H&M) for travelling because it can be dressed up for fancy cocktails and dinners or dressed down for daytime with a pullover; the leopard print wrap dress from Joe Fresh was a total impulse buy (and an online purchase that hasn’t arrived yet so who knows if it will work or not).

Which leads us to a few last additions. I stocked up on $2 underwear at Pennington’s (not pictured). I found a pair of pinstriped pull on pants at Walmart to replace similar trousers that kept falling off when I lost weight. And, in anticipation of the impending demise of my Stan Smiths, I bought these pink suede sneakers at COS (and at $50 with reductions, the most expensive item on my shopping list).

That’s it. I believe the big sales end this Thursday. Plus I don’t really need anything else else (except for a good-sized leather tote bag). And even though these things were a bargoon, Rereading this post makes me realize just how much I’ve acquired. So I’m definitely looking a frugal  February.