The Purge

2E26EF75-B877-448A-8F3E-C90A7BA675B2I have strict one-in/one-out policy when it comes to buying clothes and stuff. This is to prevent me from shopping too much and becoming a hoarder. Sometimes I destash by selling things on eBay. Sometimes I pass them on to family or donate them to a clothing bank. This week, to balance the ledger of all the clothes I got on sale (see previous post), I’ve also been BUNZ trading my vêtements. Here is a visual representation of my Purge thus far. (This doesn’t represent the entirety of my downsizing, just the things I’m swapping for.)

A Céline t-shirt and two Marimekko tops that I could never quite pull off.

Stripey St. James and Ines de la Fressange sweaters that we’re just a little too tight.

I am always on the hunt for some Eileen Fisher because I love the minimalist aesthetic, but alas this piece would work bette on someone more fine boned and long necked. And it sort of breaks my heart to give up this shearling teddy bear coat but again it’s too small and I never wear it and so it equally breaks my heart to just keep it in the closet. A lovely lady with a bottle of vodka to trade is going to give it a better life.