8A4160CA-B92B-4620-B977-5501086C7FD4.jpegOver the years I’ve accumulated a small collection of knock-offs.  Some are pretty convincing copies, which is how I got them in the first place: you see what you think is a real Tiffany ring or Louis Vuitton bag at the thrift shop so you snatch it up thinking you are the world’s best thrifter. But then when you get home, you realize that the signffature is off or that the ring has turned your finger green.

While I have lucked out and found some pretty high end things in thrift shops, 99.9 percent of so-called luxury goods you come across while thrifting are fake.

The next issue is what to do these counterfeit finds? One can’t, in good conscience, wear them or sell them. Even donating them back to the shops from whence they came because it would be abetting knock-off culture.

So they sit in a box until I can figure out their fate.