KAWS and Effect

45DF092D-1BBF-48FF-A3C3-D64E8D76D183So Uniqlo has a long running collaboration with the graffiti artist KAWS (aka Brian Donnelly). I missed out on investing in early KAWS (vinyl toys from places like Magic Pony or Kid Robot), so this partnership has given me an opportunity to acquire some affordable multiples.

21603C9D-176B-454A-90AB-7680B72A3BFEThe first thing I got was this Weekender printed with KAWS’ signature “X.”

AC483285-587A-4074-BAD4-36E1E993C30FThen came the KAWS x Peanuts co-branding. They had me at Snoopy! So I bought this t-shirt.

B9D9B95C-EEBA-429C-A510-70F0B6799D5ABut it’s this over-sized plush doll that crosses over into sculpture, I think. KAWS’ work has moved into the monde of high art (Phillips London recently auctioned off a  “No Reply” screenprint portfolio for £75,000, a record price for this set.) Artist multiples in general have taken off in the secondary market because it’s still a relatively affordable way to start a collection.

Now the next question is, how to display such a thing? On the bed is the obvious solution. Let’s hope the cat doesn’t get overly intimate with Snoop, though.