Where Are We Going?

A854B0DF-3C8D-42CB-8198-1AF8FC8A256FI have been taking (almost) daily selfies of my outfits and posting them on Instagram (@Rhonda.Riche) for quite sometime now. It helps me inventory and organize my wardrobe and has helped me whittle down my garment collection. A70E3247-F550-4E85-966B-10A5E30D5189Here are some of the pieces I picked up during my January sale frenzy (mixed with things I already had in my closet.) I feel like I am in a good style place and I certainly don’t need to buy anything else ever again.

FB1C4491-250B-4995-BF25-205FA3CD3002Yet still I want new things. all the time. And I worry about that because I fear that a big societal shift is coming. Soon. And my shopping fun is part of the problem.

The planet is polluted with “things” and yet millionaires are shooting cars into space. I can sense people getting panicky about the economy and I see people starting up all kinds of side hustles either to make extra cash or reinvent themselves before the next crash comes. I wonder what I should be doing to prepare for the worst, while trying to prevent it at the same time. And what shall I wear to this odd future? I have lots of questions but no answers.

I post these words like I post my selfies: I’m just trying to work out my thoughts here like I do with my garb on Instagram.