Munchie Merch


It may be Frugal February, but my acquisitions urges are still strong. So the other night I surfed the internets for contests. And I came across — a site selling limited edition Ketchup Doritos merch (they also have a contest where you can win the whole collection of their streetwear inspired clothing).

EECA8308-1290-4151-9A25-A4AF588CE3FFI love merch and I love junk food. In fact, this discovery set me on a search for other fast food fashions. I already knew, for example, that KFC has been offering chicken chic for a while now. The “Finger Licking Good” necklace pictured at the top of the page is, alas, sold out. I still really want this sweatshirt (from the US swag site) and this weird collectors plate that has crumbs printed on it (from the Canadian Shop).


Then I realized than food merch (and entering contests)  is not so new to me. In fact, One of my finest garments is a McDonald’s “Rise and Fries” tshirt that I won on National Fries Day 2016.

9DA38241-B386-4DDC-B284-7848B9E09203.jpegStill, I kept sccanning the internets for more delicious designs. Turns out McDonalds released a big athleisure collection to celebrate their delivery deal with Uber. Now I want these slides too (a lot of this loot ends up on eBay by the way).


The most interesting one of these tasty temptations comes from a capsule collection from Cheetos a few years back. Supposedly designed by mascot Chester Cheetah, I actually think these $20,000 earrings and ring are quite beautiful. Too bad I’d have to give up junk food forever to be able to afford them.


UPDATED: Just hours after I posted this, I found out that this Big Mac ring was also a thing. And there is a contest to win it.