6760589A-55F5-4A77-9FF4-53A8D11C4D53We’ve reached the half-way point of Frugal February. One of the unexpected fringe benefits of not shopping is that I have more time to take on projects that I have been procrastinating about.

Like cleaning out cupboards, drawers and other storage containers. So far I’ve found all kinds of missing objects, like these brutalist earrings that I misplaced pretty much the day I bought them… six months ago.

I also discovered my Barbara Kruger and  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 1987 tour tshirt that I’ve been looking for since we went to see the band last summer.  They were rolled up behind the bed linens. Why, I do not know. Uncovering old friends is just as much fun as getting new ones. That is the lesson.